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We strongly advise that you carefully read these terms and conditions before browsing or using the My.Allel.Com website in any way.

By using our website and our services, you hereby agree to fully comply with and be legally bound by these terms and conditions. If you are not in full agreement with the provisions of these terms, you must stop using the website immediately, as your continued use of the website shall be taken as your agreement to comply.

We at My.Allel.Com may exercise our right to review, modify and/or update these terms and conditions at any time as we deem necessary and without any prior notice to you. We will make however sure to notify users of any modification, review, and/or update by indicating last date of update at the top of this page. Your continued usage of the My.Allel.Com website thereafter will mean that you accept those changes.


NATIVE Alpha Ltd , owner of My.Allel.Com, is an authorized re-seller of the Allel range of DNA skincare products with exclusivity over its online eCommerce sales.



You understand and accept that the contents, material and information that we make available on my.allel.com including without limitation text, graphics, and other information are intended for informational purposes only. We clearly declare that they do not in any way constitute health advice and may not be used or adopted in place of qualified medical diagnosis, advice, or treatment. Always consult your physician or a qualified health care professional for specific advice about your medical condition.

You thereby agree to fully accept all risks related to the use of or reliance on any information that we may upload on this website, and must indemnify Native Alpha from all and any cause of action that may ensue in connection with your reliance on content obtained from this website.



Native Alpha owns and makes this website available for personal use only. As such, we grant you only a limited, reversible, non-transferable, and non-exclusive license to access and use the website, with the proviso that we have the right to terminate this license at any time and with or without reason. Through the editorial discretion of Native Alpha, features and content may be changed or terminated without notice.

All materials/content uploaded on this website are fully protected by the copyright laws in Sweden and in foreign countries. You also understand and accept that the website’s trademarks, service marks, trade names, design, images, audio, videos, and other information are proprietary to Native Alpha, its affiliates and/or to third-party licensors.

We grant you the permission to download or view a single copy of the materials on the My.Allel.Com website only for your personal, noncommercial use. You may not adjust, imitate, duplicate, print, allocate, post, transmit, display, execute, create derivative works from, sell or transfer any of our content.

Title to the said materials remains with Native Alpha, its affiliates or its licensors. If you use the materials in any manner not expressly permitted by these terms and conditions, we will regard it as a violation of these terms and conditions and you may also be breaching trademark, copyright, and other applicable laws.

All rights that are not expressly granted herein are reserved to Native Alpha and its licensors.


To be granted the permission to use most portions of our website, we will ask you to register for and then maintain an active personal user My.Allel.Com account. To do so, you must be 18 years old or older, and you hereby agree that you are of legal age, and that the information that you provide during the registration process is correct in all respects and will be current at all times.

During the registration process, My.Allel.Com will ask you to choose a username and password, with which we will create your account. You bear full responsibility for any/all activity(ies) that transpires on my.allel.com through your account, and you must immediately advise us if you notice any unauthorized use of your My.Allel.Com account or any other violation of security related to the website.

You may register for and operate only one my.allel.com account, except otherwise allowed by the website owner in writing.


To continue to gain access to and use the Native Alpha website, you consent to accept and abide by all relevant federal, state, local and other laws and regulations and these terms and conditions. You also agree to abide by this user code of conduct, and your failure to comply with any of these terms may result in the termination of your My.Allel.Com account. We may also bring a civil and/or criminal case against you under applicable laws.

You hereby consent not to sell, license, lease, rent, transfer, assign, distribute, host or otherwise use the website for profit; alter, interpret, adjust, merge, decompile, disassemble, make derivative works of, or reverse-engineer any part of the website; upload, distribute or transfer any computer viruses, worms, malicious software or any code with the aim of damaging a computer system(s) or data through the use of this website; engage in password  and data mining; destroy or remove any copyright notices or other proprietary markings contained in the website; disturb, incapacitate, or otherwise inhibit the operation of the website or the servers/networks connected to it; and/or use my.allel.com to gather or otherwise harvest or store any information for purposes other than those designed and implemented by us.

You are also expressly forbidden from interfering with other users’ access, use and enjoyment of the website; and impersonating any person or falsely stating or otherwise misrepresenting your affiliation with any person or entity, or expressing/implying that we endorse you or any statement you make.

You may not use the website to upload or share any content that infringes on any copyright, patent, trade secret, trade-mark, or other proprietary or privacy rights of a third party; is illegal, injurious, hostile, unmannerly, distressing, defamatory, discourteous, obscene, libelous, intrusive of another’s privacy, or otherwise objectionable; constitutes unauthorized or unsolicited advertising, promotional items, or any other form of duplicative or unsolicited messages, whether commercial or otherwise; and/or contravenes any law, decree, regulation and/or contractual obligations.



Any communication or material that you transmit to the my.allel.com website whether by e-mail or otherwise, including without limitation any data, questions, comments, and suggestions will be regarded by us as and thus treated as non-proprietary and non-confidential. You hereby grant Native Alpha the right to use any communication or material that you transmit or post for any reason, including but not restricted to duplication, publication, disclosure, transmission, broadcast, and posting.

While any content that you provide remains your property, by providing such content to Native Alpha, you grant us a worldwide, transferrable, continuous, irreversible, royalty-free license, with the right to sub-license, make derivative works of, distribute, openly show, duplicate, adjust, publicly perform, and to otherwise use such content without giving further notice to or soliciting consent from you, and without the obligation of reimbursing you or any other entity.



These are our terms of sales and it forms a legal contract between Native Alpha and you, a purchasing customer.  You accept this sale agreement by when you make a purchase, place an order, or otherwise shop on the website. You agree to be bound by this agreement.

The conditions of this agreement are subject to modification without prior notice, and constitutes the entire agreement between you and Native Alpha relating to the purchase of DNA inspired skincare products on this website.

Title of goods: Under this agreement, Native Alpha retains the title to skincare products herein being purchased until skincare products are paid for by you. Title thereafter passes to you.

Orders: You are not to assume that orders are binding upon Native Alpha, until such orders have been acknowledged and accepted by us. Invoices are due and must be paid within the time period noted on the invoice, counted from the date of the invoice, and the terms of payment are within Native Alpha’s sole discretion. You are responsible for sales and all other taxes associated with the order.

Pricing and Information Disclaimer: All prices are listed in US dollars and are subject to change. We reserve the right to make adjustments regarding prices, products and offers to reflect changing market conditions errors in advertisements, product discontinuation, and other mitigating circumstances.

Credit Cards: Credit card charges will be immediately processed online after ordering our products.

Shipping Policy: Unless otherwise stated, prices for merchandise ordered on My.Allel.Com do not include shipping costs, and may vary with orders.  As a matter of policy, we ship only to the verified billing address of the customer’s credit card.

Export Sales: Apart from Online sales, we also sell skincare products for the purposes of export. If products herein being purchased are for export, you agree that our warranties for exported skincare products may vary or may even be null and void for goods so exported, and that any and all liability is only for the products purchased. It is your responsibility to obtain from the federal government export documentation before shipping to a foreign country.

Order Cancelation:  You may cancel your order within 24 hours of ordering, provided that we have not shipped that order. We will return any payments already made by you If you cancel an order. You however agree that we will be unable to honor cancellation orders after more than twenty-four hours of ordering or in case the products were already shipped. We from our end may also cancel your order if we suspect any fraudulent transaction by you; or if the ordered item is unavailable for any reason. We will inform you by email of any order cancelation by us, and will re-issue a credit in the amount of the charge should our order be canceled after we have received your payment.

Return Policy: Due to COVID-19, and the new SWEDAC policy, we are currently not accepting any returns.

Refunds: See “Order Cancelation” clause

Any approved cancellation of order which surpassed the time limit of 24 hours will be charged with the shipment cost of 50$ US + handling fee 15% OF PRODUCT VALUE.

 No Cancellations or Refunds after 10 days.

Exchange policy: We do not accept skincare products for exchange.

General Legal Disclaimer: Native Alpha hereby expressly disclaims all warranties either expressed or implied, including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Even though our products are inspired by the study of the human DNA, you understand and accept that there are variations in skin types and that a product that is very effective for other customers might not be so effective for you. We will therefore not be held responsible if the skincare products that you procure do not meet your expectation or standards.



We provide this website, our services and our products for use on an “as is” and “as available” basis.

We provide the my.allel.com website without any representation or endorsement made and without warranty of any kind, direct or implied, including but not restricted to the implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, compatibility, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, suitability, accuracy and safety.

Native Alpha does not guarantee that your use of the website will be continuous/uninterrupted, mistake-free or free of viruses or other harmful components. You consent that you access and use the website at your own risk.

We may alter, amend, develop, improve and/or make any other changes to my.allel.com at any time with or without notice. Under no circumstances will we be held liable for any direct, exceptional, indirect, secondary, or resulting damages as an outcome of or in connection with the use of, or the lack of ability to use the website, even if Native Alpha has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Native Alpha does not guarantee that your use of our products will be effective or safe for your skin type. Only you and your personal physician can determine that. As a result, our liability to you in lieu of damages as per our skincare product shall not exceed the price you paid for that product.

You hereby release and hold Native Alpha innocent from any and all claims, losses, liability, damages, and expenses (including without limitation loss of business, opportunity, information, revenue or profits)  relating or connected to your use of the website, any content acquired through the website or any suspected violation by you of these terms and conditions.

The laws of some jurisdictions do/may not allow the limitation or exclusion of legal warranties, liability or certain limitations of representations or damages made concerning services or goods. Some or all of the above exclusions or limitations may not apply to you if you fall under any of such a jurisdiction.



You consent to indemnify Native Alpha, its licensors, affiliates, managers, officers, suppliers, agents, and employees from and against any and all losses, costs, reparations, claims, penalties, expenses and liabilities resulting from your use of the Website or anyone using your account, or any suspected violation by you or anyone using account of these Terms and conditions. This includes reasonable legal and accounting fees.

You also assent to indemnify Native Alpha, licensors, affiliates, managers, officers, suppliers, agents, and employees for any injury, including but not restricted to bodily injury or death, to you or/and any other person(s) arising from your use of or dependence on any information gotten through the Website. This Website provides only general medical information, and should never be taken as a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult a health care professional and/or your physician for specific recommendations about your medical condition.



As we are dedicated to guarding the privacy of minors, we do not provide this website and its services for their use. This Site is not planned or premeditated to attract children under the age of 18, and we do not direct our online marketing strategies towards minors. We do not collect personally identifiable information from any person we actually know is a child under the age of 18.



On our website, we provide links to third party websites that are controlled and maintained by others. Native Alpha also may select certain sites as priority responses to search terms you enter, and we may allow advertisers to respond to certain search terms with sponsored content or advertisements.

We do not have any control over these websites, and you may not take our link to them as an endorsement of such websites.

Native Alpha does not endorse any product, service, or treatment advertised on the Native Alpha Site.



You clearly agree that the exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute with Native Alpha, or in any way relating to your use of the Native Alpha Site, resides in the courts of Israel and you further agree and expressly consent to the exercise of personal jurisdiction in Israeli courts in connection with any such dispute including any claim involving Native Alpha or its content providers, employees, affiliates, subsidiaries, contractors, managers, and directors.


If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid by an Israeli court having expert jurisdiction, the invalidity of that one provision shall not affect the enforceability/validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms and conditions. The remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.



No waiver of any of these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or condition or any other term or condition.

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