All our skincare products are Made in Switzerland in order to secure the highest quality and safety.
Each product contains a minimum of 2 active award-winning and patented ingredients at tested levels, supported by scientific research.
They are all dermatologically approved, contains no parabens or animal derivatives and are 100% vegan.


ALLÉL® has formulated the X-Series, which work to promote youthful skin and boost collagen whilst providing optimal hydration.

The X-series has been proven in clinical testing to produce significant improvement in skin firmness and elasticity in 100% of test subjects, as well reducing wrinkle depth and volume an average of 20%, after just 28 days of use.

These products contain the following key ingredients on tested levels:

Neuro-Protective Algae: Smooths the skins surface and reduces the appearance of wrinkles

Nano-Encapsulated Q10 with Vitamin E: Potent energy producer with unique nano-encapsulation to rejuvenate the skin

African Bambara Pea: Regenerates nerve fibers to visibly brighten and smooth dull skin

Moisture-Retaining Polysaccharides & Hyaluronic Acid: for long-lasting hydration


With ALLÉL® G-series, the carefully selected active ingredients are formulated to inhibit the oxidation and glycation formation, meaning they can prevent the collagen from stiffening.

The G-series has been proven in clinical testing to produce significant reduction of wrinkle depth and volume after just 28 days of use, in all (100%) of the test subjects.

These products contain the following key ingredients on tested levels:

Carnosine – Milk Thistle – Vitamin E: Powerful trio of active ingredients to counteract the effects of glycation

Pro-Biotic Kombucha: Patented active with anti-glycation and lipofilling effects to promote skin glow and reduce wrinkles

Resveratrol – Grapeseed Oil: Unique fusion technology to promote collagen synthesis, hydrate and brightens the skin

Persian Silk Tree Extract: Shown to reduce A.G.E’s in the skin, Refreshes dull and fatigued skin


ALLÉL® has formulated the T-Series, which is a combination of the T2 Serum and T Cream. The T2 serum is a powerful retinol and vitamin serum that has been created to be used overnight for a deep penetrating effect on the skin. This works together with the cream and supplements to hydrate and restore skin from UV damage and pigmentation. 

These products contain the following key ingredients on tested levels:

Time Released Vitamin A – Retinol: Promotes cell turnover and improves overall skin texture whilst stimulating the skin’s natural rebuilding process; a key skin rejuvenator.

Niacinamide – Vitamin B3: Anti-aging all-star treatment, rehydrating and skin brightening active

Liposomal Complex – Vitamin C: Unique triple-complex to brighten the skin, reduce pigmentation and even skin tone

Moisturizing Carbohydrates: Award-winning formulation to provide both instant and long term hydration


The ALLÉL® A-Series contains the A2 serum and A cream, that work together to neutralize the effects of oxidative stress and free radical damage whilst protecting and boosting cellular defense.

These products contain the following key ingredients on tested levels:

Edelweiss Stem Cell Extract: Award-winning active with exceptional anti-oxidant properties

Superoxide Dismutase: Unique form of enzymatic super-antioxidant to balance out excess radicals and protect the skin from free radical damage

Kakadu Plum Extract: Contains the world’s highest natural concentration of Vitamin C. Scientifically known to fight oxidative stress and boost the skin’s natural defense

Grape Stem Cell Extract: Acts as a natural skin rejuvenator, reducing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity


Each of the products in the ALLÉL® C-series – C2 serum and C cream – are perfume-free and dermatologically formulated for skin that is easily irritated. They work together to reduce redness, soothe the skin and rehydrate whilst promoting the body’s natural anti-inflammatory ability and defense.

These products contain the following key ingredients on tested levels:

Marine Micro-Algae: Innovative neuro-soother to reduce problems of the hypersensitive skin such as redness and itching

Magnolia Bark Extract: A potent duo of anti-inflammatory substances that synergistically inhibit a key mediator in both inflammation and aging

Centella Asiatica – Tiger Herb: Traditional Chinese medicinal plant that stimulates elastin and collagen synthesis whilst calming the skin with natural healing properties

Aloe Vera – CM Glucan: Promotes cell renewal, enhances the skin’s self-protection mechanism and helps restore a natural skin barrier

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