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*Customer should have done a DNA test in the past from: 23andme, Ancestry, My heritage etc

While it has long been recognized that extrinsic factors play a key role in aging, the advent of more reliable DNA analyses has shown that as much as 60% of aging is dependent on inherent, genetic factors. Our complete DNA analysis will reveal your true aging factors, and how you can treat them effectively. Stop wasting money on generic skincare. You are not generic, and neither is your skin!

The process (if you took a DNA test in the past): 

  1. purchase the ALLEL® full DNA analysis
  2. Upload your DNA Data to a link that would be sent to you via email
  3. Receive a PDF file containing your full DNA skin report
  4. Receive a call from one of our specialists who will go over the report with you and explain how you should apply the results in your everyday life and which skincare your skin really needs.

Order your DNA analysis today and unleash your skin’s true potential!

  • All DNA data is stored according to the EU Standards
  • Founded by Dr Anne Wetter MD, and Dr Elisabet Hagert, MD PhD
  • Qualified and certified ALLÉL® Swedish Laboratory
  • ALLEL’s analysis and skincare are Backed by clinical studies
  • Your data is protected according to ISO / IEC / 12075 regulations

If you haven’t taken a DNA test in the past, click the link and get your DNA kit + full analysis with FREE SHIPPING by clicking this link

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