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ALLÉL® has formulated the X-Series, which work to promote youthful skin and boost collagen whilst providing optimal hydration.

The X-series has been proven in clinical testing to produce significant improvement in skin firmness and elasticity in 100% of test subjects, as well reducing wrinkle depth and volume an average of 20%, after just 28 days of use.

These products contain the following key ingredients on tested levels:

Neuro-Protective Algae: Smooths the skins surface and reduces the appearance of wrinkles

Nano-Encapsulated Q10 with Vitamin E: Potent energy producer with unique nano-encapsulation to rejuvenate the skin

African Bambara Pea: Regenerates nerve fibers to visibly brighten and smooth dull skin

Moisture-Retaining Polysaccharides & Hyaluronic Acid: for long-lasting hydration

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