All our nutritional products are Made in Switzerland, and contains a selection of high quality vitamins, minerals and nutritions.
The gelatin are either made by bovine (Youth Boost and Derma Defense) or fish (Oxy Power) and they are all Halal certified.


YOUTH BOOST is designed to stimulate your collagen and elastin production from within, protect from harmful UV rays and ensure normal skin pigmentation.

Recommended nutrition if you are a Key Driver in category X and T.

Ingredients: Collagen stimulating Indian Gooseberry (Amla extract), Skin Protective Astaxanthin, Energy boosting Capsaicin, Vitamins A-C-E to promote healthy skin and Zinc to support natural Superoxide Dismutase production.


OXY POWER promotes a healthy skin glucose metabolism, prevent formation of harmful A.G.E’s and boost anti-oxidant activity to combat free radicals and pollution effects on the skin.

Recommended nutrition if you are a Key Driver in category G and A.

Ingredients: Anti-aging Catalase enzyme, Blueberry for a natural boost of anti-oxidants, Vitamins A and B7 to promote healthy skin, Vitamin B1 to combat A.G.E formation, Anti-oxidant Vitamins C and E, Chromium mineral to promote normal glucose metabolism and Essential Selenium to combat free radicals.


DERMA DEFENSE works against inflamm-aging, reducing skin redness and irritations caused from inflammatory skin imbalance.

Recommended nutrition if you are a Key Driver in category C.

Ingredients: Rosehip which is nature’s own anti-inflammatory power house,  Vitamin B complex (B3, B6, B12) to promote normal skin health, Vitamins C and E to calm and reduce skin irritation, vitamin D to promote your normal immune functions and Zinc for a normal immune response.

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