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DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid. It is a large molecule that carries all the genetic coding for living organisms, with instructions needed for growth, development and functions.

We all age, but why we age differs. Science has now shown us that aging depends on both genetic and lifestyle factors (smoking, sun-exposure etc). By taking the ALLÉL® Power of Prediction® DNA test, you can find out what driving forces influence your skin’s aging process and tailor your ALLÉL® skin care regime to your needs.

The test provides a personal analysis of your inherent genetic predispositions for aging, in five different categories:
Your skin’s structure (collagen) – your skin’s energy (glycation) – your skin’s pigmentation (tone) – your skin’s defence (anti-oxidant ability) – your skin’s sensitivity (inflammatory response)

The test is available through our ALLÉL® websho. Order it online and it will arrive at your address of choice in a few days.

Not at all! The DNA test is a so-called ”buccal swab”. You simply rub a cotton swab on the inside of your cheek.

There are no risks with the test, as long as you follow the test instructions in the test package.

The test is registered with the Swedish Medical Products Agency and is therefore in the EUDAMED database. The sampling package is CE-marked according to IVD Directive 98/79 / EC. We collaborate with Dynamic Code for the test procedure, and their laboratory is accredited according to ISO / IEC 17025 and reviewed by the Board of Directors Accreditation and Technical Control (SWEDAC). Swedac is Sweden’s national accreditation body. All EU laws and regulations for testing are ensured.

You can rest entirely sure that only the genetic markers relevant to skin aging are
analyzed. The testing is done completely anonymously, as your DNA test is sent with a code to the laboratory that only you have access to. Three months after the analysis, the swab is destroyed (as per EU-regulations).


Yes. Dr Anne Wetter, one of the founders of ALLÉL®, is a Board-Certified Dermatologist and the Head of our product development. The products have all been developed under her guidance and in collaboration with professional skin scientists.

All of the ALLÉL® products have a solid foundation in science, with a minimum of two active ingredients at tested level in each product. Every active ingredient has been shown in clinical and/or laboratory testing to have an effect on improving skin quality and reducing signs of aging.

Most of our customers have reported a feeling of noticing improved skin luster, hydration and texture quickly.

The ALLÉL® X:series and G:series have shown significant effects in clinical testing, where 100% of test subjects had a reduction of wrinkle depth and volume within 28 days of use. In general, a proper skin care regime requires 1-3 months of meticulous use to give visible results.

Thank you! We wanted our design to reflect our Swedish heritage, clean and modern.
The letters of the products are a hint to DNA but also to the function of the product.
X – MATRIX: your skin’s structure. Boost collagen, skin firmness and elasticity.
G – GLYCATION: your skin’s energy. Reduces damage from sugar molecules, reducing wrinkles.
T – TONE: your skin’s pigmentation. Repairs the skin from UV-damage and evens skin tone.
A – ANTI-OXIDANT: your skin’s defense. Combats free-radicals and boost skin glow.
C – CARING: your skin’s sensitivity. Calming, anti-inflamm’aging for sensitive skin.

No, all products are paraben-free.

All our skincare products are 100% vegan. For the nutritional the gelatin shell contains either bovine or fish and thereby they are not regarded as vegan.

No. The ALLÉL® skin creams and serums contain no animal derivatives and have not been tested on animals.

The serum and cream of each category have been created for a synergistic effect and to boost one another. The serum and cream penetrate different levels of the skin and are able to optimize the results over time by having them work in pairs. You may of course use the products individually, as solitary treatment, but we generally recommend the pair. Our clinical studies with excellent effects on reduction of wrinkle depth and volume, and improved skin firmness and elasticity, were done on the pair treatments of X2-X and G2-G.

The key to understanding your skin’s needs and driving forces for aging, is to combine the information from your DNA analysis with your history and lifestyle (i.e smoking, sun exposure, stress, diet). Upon purchase, you will analyze both your DNA and life style to find your optimal ALLÉL® Sequence.

A proper sun protection, as in the ALLÉL® Genial SPF30 Sun Cream, is the singularly most important aspect in preventing premature skin aging. If you are using the ALLÉL® T-series (T cream – T2 serum) it is of particular importance to use sun protection, as these products contain retinol. Retinol (Vitamin A) is a highly effective active ingredient in improving skin that shows sign of UV-damage. However, one of the side effects of retinol is flaking skin, rendering it more sensitive to sun exposure.


A holistic approach to skin care demands attention to your skin health, both through external skin treatments as well as internal balance of essential nutrients for natural skin health. Certain vitamins and minerals, like vitamin A, C, Zink, are needed for a normal skin defense and balance.

No, we don’t recommend the VISINTRA® supplements to pregnant women or children.

No, since the gelatin shell contains either bovine or fish they are thereby not regarded as vegan.

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