The Founders

Allogenic is the brainchild of two highly competent specialists.

Dr Anne Wetter is a board certified Dermatologist with training from the Karolinska University Hospital. She is one of the founders of Sweden’s largest chain of dermatology clinics, and the Head of Esthetic Dermatology.

Dr Elisabet Hagert is Associate Professor of Orthopedics/Hand Surgery at the Karolinska Institute. She did her postdoc training at Stanford University and is now CEO of Sweden’s foremost private clinic for hand- and foot surgery.


ALLÉL® provides a journey within to find the key drivers to your individual aging, by providing our own developed DNA test and scientific products to match your profile.


To pioneer and lead the future of DNA inspired skin & healthcare


Providing innovative products with maximum relevance to each customer


Our ALLÉL Clinics


What Our Clients Say

“When I heard about ALLÉL skincare devised by a dermatologist and a surgeon, I was intrigued, their intent was obviously serious. I was impressed by the innovation of their thinking and research, they’d identified the lack of specificity of most skincare and gone to great lengths to identify the variations in the genes that account for differences in appearance and ageing. Why do I like Allél? Because its luxurious, effective and it leaves your skin feeling like velvet.”
“Have now used this skin care for a couple of months and really think it is great!!!! I have gotten a really nice luster and never feel tight in the skin.This is called Allél, a brand-new innovative skin care brand that is based on your genetics, your personal DNA!”
“I take to my bed with a bar of Green & Black´s and slather myself in Allél serum. I reckon its the serum that’s giving my skin that ’post-shag glow’ everyone keeps commenting on – honestly, my skin looks and feels incredibly. It´Its better than sex.”
“Taking everyday skincare to a new scientific level, Allél is breaking boundaries with their clinical approach. With a luxurious line of products tailor made for my own DNA, my skin has a new found radiance.”

“ALLÉL is the most comprehensive skin care brand on the market today.”
“I’ve been using Allél for about 6 months now and have completely seen a difference in my skin! I notice a huge improvement in the way my makeup sits on my face, I feel it stays on longer and goes on smooth! Also, I’ve never had a more hydrated natural glow to my skin…If you can’t tell, I’m a huge fan!”
Rozina Ali
Linda Fernström
Stacey Duguid
Elizabeth Whitson-Dew
Inge van Lotringen
Dina Rezvanipour

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